Company “Aqua Geo” offers the latest premium-class model dispensers


Dispensers of the company “Aqua Geo”’ is comfortable way for using drinking water in offices or homes. It’s the most important for kindergartens and homes with minor children.  

Premium-class dispenser provides water to reach the required temperature: heating, cooling and temperature maintenance.


Dispenser is made of stainless steel pipes, which protects water from pollution. Dispenser is equipped with ultra-violet light indicators, cold and hot water reservoir, also with Glass holder and bottle adapter valve.   

Also, the company "Aqua Geo" offers premium-class refrigerator Dispensers. Dispenser’s refrigeration department is especially comfortable In terms of office.  

Company "Aqua Geo" is offering new service for effective use of dispensers. In order to preserve the purity of the water, only the company "Aqua Geo" provides water bottles’ and dispensers’ disinfection and sanitization according European standards. This service allows us to permanently maintain the high quality of the water.