Drinking water quality, its characters and contents are defined according to the internationals standard set by the World Health Organization.

The company Aqua Geo is equipped with the modern European technologies and laboratory, where the quality of raw materials and production is controlled on systematical basis. Water SNO meets the requirements of Georgian and European standards.

The factory laboratory is furnished with the latest facilities and equipment, which enables to carry out chemical as well as microbiological analysis/test according to the requirements.

At the laboratory the research international standard methods are introduced - ISO. The products harmless management system is developed and applied - HACCP.

Water quality is constantly validated by the laboratory, and the bottling process is strictly controlled, ensuring high quality of the produced water preserving the naturally gifted, uniquely balanced chemical and microbiological contents.

SNO is enriched with all the necessary elements recommended by Fresenius Health Care Group for children and infants for drinking as well as cooking purposes.

Total dissolved solids g/l: 0,23 - 0,35

Major Ions mg/l:
SNO Ingredients

pH  6,5 - 8,5

The laboratory is completed with the highly qualified experienced specialists.