Water significance for out organism
Water significance for out organism


Water is one of the most important elements for normal functioning of human organism. It makes 2/3 of the human body weight, and therefore we cannot live without water.

As the result of 2% liquid loss by the body dehydration is developed i.e. human body loses water. Dehydration is accompanied by short-termed memory, problems while reading small letters, especially at the computer.

By means of availability of the bottled water the developed countries avoided several dangerous statistic data.

Functioning of all the cells and organs, out of which human’s anatomy and physiology is constructed depends on normal balance of water in the organism:  

  • -         Water is lubricating material for joints;
  • -         Water regulates temperature;
  • -         Water plays significant role in digesting process;
  • -         Water regulates metabolism;
  • -         Water is important tool for disease prevention. 

Taking fresh water enables to build up our immune system, to be healthy and enjoy winter without catching cold.